Northpointe Church
Refreshing. Authentic. Truth.


What people are saying about Northpointe Church

I love the rested feeling that I get as soon as I walk in the doors. Sunday is truly my day of rest now.
— Laurel; pilates and ballet instructor

In the last few years that we have attended Northpointe, a lot of “life” has happened and that is the essence of Northpointe. During each “season,” Northpointe and the body of believers provided exactly what was needed at precisely the appropriate time.

Meeting the needs of others is not something that happens by chance; it comes from listening to the still small voice of God and then acting upon it. There is a wisdom that only comes from compassion and experience. Those needs often change overnight or even in an instant; ranging from fear (such as losing your job) to sadness (life-changing illness) to great joy (miraculous healings) or just a cup of soup (creamy potato is my favorite). Perhaps “life” hasn’t happened to you, but if it has, and you find yourself needing “something,” Northpointe is the place for you.
— Deanna Fuller